Media Room Seating Options

Media Rooms are a popular request by homeowners.

Media rooms are more focused on serious TV/movie viewing than a family room, but they are not quite a fully closed theater room. The biggest choice is seating as far as theater seats or couches/sectionals. With either, a rear pub height table is desirable for added seating in a small space. It also offers a place to dine while keeping the new, expensive seats clean. Read about some more seating options below.

Home theater seating is the most common option and for good reason.  There are nearly endless possibilities in styles, and they often come with beverage and food storage. You can increase the functionality with tray tables or in-arm storage, or you can add some style by incorporating LED lighting!

The second most popular option is cinema seating. Obviously, if you are looking to use the media room for something other than movie viewing on a large screen, there are better options. However, using this type of seating can give you that “at the movies” feel without having to even leave your own home!

If the room is only going to be used only for a couple of individuals, individual recliners could be an attractive option. It is a nice fit for those who want some space to recline and spread out while enjoying their day.

If you are looking for an “old school” option a mann chair might be right for you. It’s a larger rocker/recliner chair that sits up tall, similar to a barstool, but much more comfortable.

If you are looking to go more modern and fun, swivel chairs can be a great choice! Especially if you have younger children, they and their friends are such to get a kick out of them.

Another factor that needs to be considered is how the furniture should be arranged. Clearly, the objective should be to give all an optimal viewing set up. A sectional facing a screen with ample space to put up your feet is the family-room equivalent of a screening room.

BONUS IDEA: The DBP team has always found that televisions above a fireplace are a great look that can really amplify a space.

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