Master Bathroom Design Option, Water Closet – Closet

The Design Build Planners design and develop many master bedrooms for both new space and remodels. One of the development steps involved is the client filling out the DBP Project Profile Checklist. This form helps with the customization of the project for the preferences, styles, and needs of the individual person or family. Wish list desires are addressed. “Must have” and “do not want” items are noted. Very common on the must have side for today’s master bathroom is more storage and better organization. Typically this request is addressed through the effective use of vanities, wall cabinets, shower niches, towel cubbies, hooks, and racks.

Another request, especially for bathrooms to be used by more than one person, is a private or semi-private area for the toilet. This is achieved with a partition wall or a wall and door, also known as a water closet. A water closet is technically defined as a room with a toilet and possibly a sink. Therefore, what many refer to as a powder room would be a water closet. Add a tub or shower and now it is considered a bathroom. Within a bathroom, a water closet creates a private room for a toilet.

The total space available to design the master bathroom within is always a major factor as far as what can be incorporated. The space can be limited by the existing structure or the budget. A standard minimum that is used in the designs for a master bathroom water closet is 3.5’ wide X 6’ long. With more available space, DBP will add 6-12 inches in the width and up to 2 extra feet in length for added convenience and universal access. In recent designs, Jason Parsons, the chief Project Designer at Design Build Planners, has included a shallow closet inside the water closet. The intention of this feature is to conveniently and discreetly store extra paper products, personal items, and books or magazines. While the name “water closet – closet” makes some think of the Seinfeld episode with Cosmo Kramer’s coffee table book about coffee tables, homeowners have enthusiastically welcomed this design option.

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