Low E Insulated Glass for Windows

Low E Insulated Glass for Windows

Low-E glass for energy efficient windows - Design Build PlannersGlasses are the most preferred materials for windows. Many even go for French windows, which are made of full-length glass. Since glass facilitates good light from the outside, it is the favorite of many. However, at times, the light which comes in through the glass windows can become overwhelming, to the extent that you need heavy curtains to keep your space cooler. Especially during summers when the heat is too much, huge glasses add on to the discomfort. That’s the reason people employ insulated glasses to check the amount of heat that is being absorbed and the light that is coming in.

These windows are called energy efficient windows as well because they conserve energy and they help in keeping a place balanced with warm and cold energies. This means that you need minimal usage of heaters and coolers in your place. Therefore this acts as a cost saving means as well. This type of Low E coated windows also help you to avoid getting exposed to harmful UV rays. So you get comfortable spaces that will earn you an energy star when you have low E, insulated glass windows.

Types of Insulated Glass

There are many types of insulated glasses available in the market. The main categories and their uses are as follows,

  • Advanced Low E glass windows – These can be used for any kind of space. They work great on most climatic conditions. Of course you may need more than these if you live in very extreme climates.
  • Sun protected Low E glass windows – These are specifically designed to keep your spaces protected from harsh sunlight. It is especially useful if you live in very hot climatic conditions. You will definitely need less of air coolers and fans.
  • Sun allowing Low E glass windows – These coated glasses are most useful when you live in very cold climatic conditions. These glasses absorb the sunlight and then insulate the space well. This in turn helps the space to retain heat. So this actually acts like a natural heater for your homes, offices and commercial spaces.
  • Balancing Low E glass windows – These are very special type of coated glass. They are helpful in maintaining a balanced temperature within the space whether it is too hot or too cold. They absorb only necessary amounts of heat and keep the place cool but not very cold. They also insulate the area well so you will have a literally warm place, without it being too hot.

The kind of energy efficient windows you choose will definitely depend on your requirement. You need to understand your external climate and your budgetary constraints. Even the placement of windows and how much they are exposed to the sun is also a factor that should be considered. Irrespective of which type of insulated glass you take, rest assured that you are going for the “greener” option and you are saving the environment in an efficient manner.

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