Log Cabin Construction

Log CabinLog cabins or log homes are getting a revival now with more and more people showing interest in building their own log homes or log cabins. Historically, log cabins were first built in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. When Europeans settlers came to the United States, they used logs to build their first homes as it was quicker. Traditionally, whole trees were cut down and shaped to make log cabins. They were originally stacked one on top of the other, eliminating the use of nails. They did utilize dowel joints. Gaps in between the logs were filled using mud and straw, a mixture known as chinking. These logs naturally settle into each other in a few years.

Today, you don’t need to go out into the forest and cut down trees to make your log cabin! You can conveniently use the log cabin kits that have all that you need to build your very own log cabin. Even if don’t have any building experience, you can still accomplish your dream of living in a log cabin!

The logs available for use today in building log cabins are timbers where the joints are filled with gaskets and caulking made of plastic.

When you buy a log cabin kit, you will have all the logs already cut to specifications and numbered so you just have to follow a sequential process to build up your dream cabin. They will also include doors, windows, roofing, railings, partitions, stairs, etc., according to the package you selected. You can also buy log cabin kits that only contain logs that have to be cut to size and buy all other materials outside.

It would be better to use wood that is locally found in your area. It would be prudent to apply an exterior finish or stain that would protect the wood from damages and reapply this in regular intervals.

Log homes and cabins are a wise alternative to building expensive homes in this day and age. There are even mortgages available for building your log cabin. These are provided by local as well as national level companies. You can use the land you own as a down payment for the mortgage. You can either build the log cabin yourself or hire a contractor to do so. There are architects and contractors who specialize in log cabins. There are even interior design magazines specializing in log cabins so you are never short of inspiration.

Log homes today have come a long way from their frontier ancestors. You will find everything from the latest designer kitchens and baths to fiberglass installations and solar powered systems in log cabins.

Living in a log cabin is a wonderful way to connect to your heritage and ancestry. It gives children a sense of linking to their past and history, giving them a taste of what it was like to live in the frontiers as an early settler. Living in a log cabin is going back to the basics while living in the lap of modernity.


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