Don’t Overlook The Lighting Fixtures

Lighting FixtureLighting fixtures are becoming an increasingly import aspect of giving a feel, and setting a tone for the room. Lighting fixtures can reach casual chandeliers to industrial light fixtures. When selecting lighting fixtures, there are many variables to consider, such as whether they cast light up or down, provide diffuse light, or simply sparkle in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

A few things to consider when selecting your lighting fixtures:

  • What space are you trying to light?
  • Are you seeking light for task performance or for ambiance?
  • How bold do you want the design and light to be?
  • Where exactly do you want to place the lighting fixture?

Pictured below are a few pictures of lighting fixtures.

Lighting Fixture (2)   Lighting Fixture (3)   Lighting Fixture (4)

Lighting Fixture (5)   lighting fixture (6)   Lighting Fixture (7)

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