Lifestyle Suite Additions

A popular remodeling project that the Design Build Planners are often requested to design is what we refer to as a “Lifestyle Suite”. What was once called an “in-law suite” now offers much more as far as flexibility of use presently and in the future.

Our Lifestyle Suite addition begins with a bedroom, closet and bathroom. From there, we typically add a sitting/TV/family room for personal use or entertaining. Then a wet bar or kitchenette is incorporated to complete a studio residence attached to any style home. Add a separate entry to create privacy or solitude, but then pass back through to the main house for family mingling.

The increase demand for this type of project has many reasons. People are living much longer and the cost of living assistance is expensive, so combined housing allows for financial consolidations. The cost of purchasing a first home for many young adults can be prohibitive. The Lifestyle Suite can offer privacy, affordability, and convenience. After long busy days at work and home, a Lifestyle Suite can offer the adults a personal retreat.

Understanding that the space can be used now and in the future by any of three generations for the present or subsequent buyers means design flexibility is both desired and sensible. Universal design and aging-in-place practices are important components. Wall placement for creating privacy or removing in the future to open up an entertaining area is also a factor.

To begin professionally planning your Lifestyle Suite addition contact the staff at Design Build Planners.

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