Level Entry Showers

Level Entry ShowerWouldn’t life be better if everything was easy access? While they are certainly not new, level entry showers are quickly becoming popular. A level entry shower eliminates the bump or step that is commonplace in showers. In some cases, such as the disabled or the elderly, those with a wheelchair or walker, a level shower is a necessity. But it is also extremely convenient for the fact that it avoids stubbed toes and tripping as you enter or exit the shower.

level entry shower systemLevel entry shower system in Monmouth County NJ - Design Build PlannersCLICK HERE to view a video illustrating the installation process. There are many steps required to create a barrier free shower entry, A professional installation of the VIM product will look great and ensure proper drainage and be leak proof. Professionals and do-it-yourselfers (DIY) can purchase VIM Products at any of the 30+ Best Tile showroom location along the East Coast from New Hampshire down to North Carolina.

An unbroken, level tiled floor makes for a comfortable yet elegant look. Compared to conventional showers with separate basins, a level entry shower can be a much more attractive option. This look has become very desirable as design upgrade, more so than a special needs feature.

Below are pictures of bathroom remodeling projects featuring level entry shower systems from VIM Products Inc.

VIM level entry shower system


Level Entry Shower (2)   Level Entry Shower (3)   Level Entry Shower (4)

Level Entry Shower (1)   Level Entry Shower (2)   Level Entry Shower (3)

Level Entry Shower (4)   Level Entry Shower (5)   Level Entry Shower (6)

Level Entry Shower (7)   Level Entry Shower (8)   Level Entry Shower (9)

Level Entry Shower (10)   Level Entry Shower (11)   Level Entry Shower (12)

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