Lapis Lazuli Stone Countertop for a Wet Bar

Morris County NJ kitchen design build remodeling from the Design Build Planners (18)Countertops are one of the primary components and a major decision for a new kitchen or a kitchen remodeling project. The material choices and price ranges vary greatly. All information, options, questions and answers about kitchen countertops can certainly fill up a book.

Stone countertops have been the mainstay of 21st century kitchens with granite being the most popular selection. Granite is mined from the Earth in large sections, and cut into slabs. Some slabs are honed, a process designed to create a matte finish, while others are polished to a reflective gloss.  After this finishing process, the slabs are sent to a selection yard or design center for final selection.  It is always recommended that your individual slab(s) be hand selected and not chosen from samples alone

Lapi Lazuli stone countertop for a wet bar in New JerseyGranite countertop prices are generally based on supply. The more rare the stone, the more expensive it tends to be. Typically the stones with less grain are lower costs. The more wild and random the grain the more costly it might be.

A recently completed design build remodeling project in Morris County, New Jersey included a wet bar for the great room. The homeowner wanted something more exotic than most of the higher levels of granite for her bar top. She selected a slab of Lapis Lazuli, a form of granite that contains semi-precious stones. The beautiful blue hue in this particular stone top comes from actual gemstones that are a part of the mix. The grain is wild and there are actual fossils embedded that can be seen throughout this countertop.

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