LaCatina Folding Patio Doors

Are you looking to add some innovation to your home? If so, LaCantina Doors is ahead of their time in designing and manufacturing folding door systems. LaCantina Doors has a vast array of products that includes classes of multi-slide door systems and a full range of swing doors. Folding Patio Doors

The LaCantina folding door systems set the industry standard for style, function and performance. LaCantina Doors uses the highest quality rolling hardware and robust panel and frame designs. This allows for tremendous ease of operation. In addition, LaCantina Doors has the ability to conform to the demands of any project configurations.

LaCantina Doors offers the following types of material: aluminum, aluminum thermally controlled, aluminum wood, clad, and wood. First, aluminum system is ideal for projects in moderate climates or to act as an interior space divider. Secondly, the aluminum thermally controlled material works perfectly to provide you with your ideal temperature, and is also available in sleek and contemporary designs. Next, aluminum wood is low maintenance and is the solution for large openings and tall doors. Next, clad is known for high energy efficiency. Finally, wood complements both contemporary and classic, traditional looks.

Below are pictures of of folding patio door designs by LaCantina Doors


Folding Patio Doors (1)   Folding Patio Doors (2)   Folding Patio Doors (3)

Folding Patio Doors (4)   Folding Patio Doors (5)   Folding Patio Doors (6)

Folding Patio Doors (7)   Folding Patio Doors (8)   Folding Patio Doors (9)

Folding Patio Doors (10)   Folding Patio Doors (11)   Folding Patio Doors (12)

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