Kitchen Renovation in Essex County NJ

The owners of this Essex County home fell in love with the large open family room and sunroom when they purchased it, but soon found out as their family expanded from two to five, wanted a better connection to the dining room, needed more kitchen storage, and absolutely had to move the sink out of the corner!

Our designs included shifting the patio door towards the family room to expand the kitchen area.  The corner windows were closed, adding a new rear-facing unit with sink.  The peninsula was redesigned to become and island for better cooking and seating.  Finally, the dining room was brought into the kitchen by moving the doorway, adding a pass through and adding a dry bar in matching cabinets.

The biggest effect on the overall floorplan was the opening of the wall from the dining room to the hall.  Challenges included enlarging a load bearing opening, relocating electrical and utilities, and reconfiguring the flooring direction so all aspects of the first floor flowed effortlessly into each other.

The kitchen design will feature stacked painted cabinets in white and grey with glass accent cabinets, spice pull outs at the range, a large single tier island, farm sink, and granite countertops with a stone backsplash.

The Design Build Planners created designs for the kitchen remodeling project. To the right is a dollhouse overview of the remodel. Timeless Remodeling will be building the project.<//p>

The homeowners drew their inspiration from kitchen remodeling projects featured on The design options are a result of homeowners online research combined with an in-home consultation with Design Build Planners. There is also a proprietary profile checklist that homeowners fill out that depicts their lifestyle and room use. After compiling this information, Design Build Planners incorporates their construction knowledge and design creativity for the space with a focus on the budget and overall investment.

Below are a couple photos of the existing space Also below are the final CAD created by Jason Parsons, a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler. Also are the completed, professional pictures.






























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