Kitchen Makeover in Clark NJ

It often does not make financial sense to invest in a full scale remodel if you intend to sell your home in the near future. When our clients are weighing their options, we often refer them to this article we wrote:

Move or Improve?

One good strategy is investing a moderate amount to make essential fixes to make your kitchen look fresh. Kitchens sell the home and a quick kitchen makeover is a good idea prior to selling in most cases. In this kitchen remodel, the sink, faucets, base molding, flooring, and backsplash were all improved upon. The cabinets were painted. All of these upgrades and renovations totaled to $10K—a much better chance of getting return on investment for a home owner looking to move in the near future as opposed to a full scale kitchen remodel. Tile was supplied by Best Tile.

Below are a few pictures of the existing kitchen:



Below is a 360 panoramic view along with the computer aided designs for the proposed makeover.



Below you will find some pictures that were taken as the job progressed:




And here are some partially completed photos—more to come after cabinet painting:




And here are the COMPLETED photos!!