Kitchen Designs – with an open floor plan

When it is time for a new kitchen the requests have a common theme: bigger, open, island, and more everything. The Design Build Planners team meets many homeowners seeking to remodel their kitchen seem to have one, unified voice: “We want a larger kitchen, with an open floor plan, dine-at island, more cabinets, more counter space, more storage…more, more, more.” Design-wise, all can be incorporated, but extra home space is required. No one is surprised to hear that kitchens are the most expensive rooms to remodel. Now more space means new space as in an addition. Doubling the space of a kitchen with an addition undoubtedly doubles the cost of the project. After calculating all the items required to fully complete, the homeowner investment most likely well exceed $100,000 for a 200+ square foot kitchen and addition project.

Dealing with a restricted budget and/or within available funds, many clients opt to “steal” space from an adjacent room, typically the dining room. If asked separately, a majority of families would prefer to have a dining room. However, when it comes down to either getting the dream kitchen or keeping the dining room the dining room loses.

The Design Build Planners pre-construction design and development process allows the client to view the potential, newly defined and remodeled space well before a final decision is required. This service provides three distinct plans with matching budget ranges and plus/minus options. As a result, the family can view the kitchen remodeled within the same space, a larger kitchen with interior wall removal, and a larger kitchen spanning the existing area through a newly built addition. Armed with this and much more detail allows the owners to select the best possible solution for them as far of needs, desires, and finances.

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Designs – with an open floor plan

  1. Feinmann

    People with older homes (that are ready for a kitchen remodel) tend to have smaller kitchens. It’s difficult to incorporate all of the elements of a modern kitchen without adding space to the kitchen either by adding an addition or taking space away from an adjoining room.

    1. Neil Post author

      Yes, agreed, that is what we are saying. We can design any sized kitchen remodel, but to get the “wish” list we need more space (either via addition or taking from another room) and the correct budget.

      Thank you!


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