Kitchen Design Tip: Window Sizing

Kitchen Design Tip: Window Sizing

Kitchen Remodeling Window Sizing (1)-Design Build PlannersThink about some of the things you do in your kitchen. While cooking might be the first thing that comes to mind, most of your time is most likely being spent at the sink. Rinsing vegetables, cleaning chicken, filling buckets or teapots, doing dishes… there is a lot that happens at the kitchen sink. Much of the time in a kitchen is spent at the sink — washing dishes, rinsing vegetables, filling the teapot. If possible, plan for large windows above your sink.

A few measurements for windows available on the market are: 33.75 inches by 53.75 inches, 27.75 inches by 45.75 inches, and 31.75 inches by 49.75 inches. Windows come in a multitude of different styles.  Common window types include double hung, casement, awning, glider, and bay/bow. Windows are manufactured and sold in a variety of sizes.

One idea for your kitchen remodeling project? Size the kitchen window to extend down to the countertop. It gives more light, provides a better view of your yard, and makes the space at the sink feel larger.


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