Kitchen Charging Station

Kitchen Charging Station for Electronic Devices

kitchen charging stationHouseholds have so many power cords hanging around. They have one or two for each smartphone in the house, since you need to have easy access to them at all times because we cannot live without them. Then there are charging cables for the tablets, portable gaming devices, and mp3 players. Let’s face it; we need our technology.

Unfortunately with all the cables lying around, it can be quite unsightly as well as leaving a tangled mess for you to deal with. The kitchen is the most central area in your home, and often times a place where you visit often during the day or even sometimes spending most of your day in there, especially around the holidays.

This is why you need a kitchen charging station for your electronic devices. Imagine your phone is about dead and you need to follow a recipe for something you are making. You will be thankful to have one of these in your house then. Does this sound like a scenario that is common for you? Maybe you should consider a project to build a convenient kitchen charging station for your technology needs.

You have to consider your kitchen space when deciding on where to place this charging station. People with galley kitchens, which are smaller kitchens with not as much counter space, may not want to sacrifice counter space. People with much larger kitchen have a few options where they can put one. This is the biggest consideration when putting a charging station in.

One place to consider placing a charging station is in a pantry area that you may have some extra space. While this isn’t a particularly easily accessible area, it can be a good option if you have limited space elsewhere. Place it on a higher shelf to help avoid accidents and to keep it out of the way of the more used shelves.

Do you have an extra drawer to spare? This can be an ideal place for most kitchens. You don’t lose counter space, and it is an easier place to access than a closet or a pantry. It is almost like it isn’t even there and can help reduce those annoying tangled wires and it’s out of sight so you don’t see the clutter. This is one of the more popular options for placing your charging station.

If you have a lot of wall space, you can consider adding a shelf underneath one of your cabinets and adding a charging station there. This may not be as successful as far as hiding the wires and charging equipment, however it does offer an ease of access that the other options may not.

Placing a charging station in your kitchen is a great option. Take a good look at your kitchen to consider the best spot for you to put yours. You may not want to install something out in the open that could change the layout or overall design flow. Figure out what you need and the space you have, and that can help you decide on the right type of charging station to meet your household needs.



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