Kitchen Cabinets with a Distressed Finish

distressed cabinet finish - Design Build Planners (1)Kitchen Cabinets with a Distressed Finish

Kitchen cabinets with a distressed finish are the new trend in kitchen design. The distressed finish is imparted to painted cabinets by distressing and then using antiquing glaze. This immediately gives a fresh, old world charm to any cabinet, of any color, and can significantly alter the look of your kitchen without much time and effort on your part. If you want to have a kitchen renovation without spending too much resources, then kitchen cabinets with a distressed finish could give you just what you are looking for in no time at all!

SONY DSCYou don’t have to have an already existing cottage style kitchen decor for the distressed finish to complement your kitchen. Even if you have a modern kitchen, kitchen cabinets with the distressed finish can add a quirky charm to it. You could also transform custom built builder cabinets with a touch of your own personality at very little cost. So whether you are just moving into a new home or renovating an already well-lived in kitchen, the distressed finish can add a touch of brightness and uniqueness that will make it stand out from the rest! Best of all, this is a project that you can undertake yourself over a weekend!

  • Before you start, it would be necessary to first empty out all the cabinets and clean them out with a detergent to wipe out all traces of grime and dirt. Then make sure they are dry. After drying, you would have to sandpaper them and dust away the sand.
  • First apply a primer to the wood. When the primer is dry, you would have to sandpaper the cabinets again and dust off the sand.
  • Apply the coats of white paint. If your cabinets are white already, you can just paint over lightly. If your cabinets were another color, then make sure to paint over meticulously. If you use a rag cloth for painting, rather than a paintbrush, you could achieve a more authentic distressed finish.
  • Start distressing by scuffing corners and edges with a sanding block and using a chisel or hammer to achieve a solid distressed look.
  • Use a mixture of your antiquing glaze with your base paint. You can add other pigments to impart different colors to your painted cabinets. Brush this over the cabinets, making sure to wipe off with a cloth to get the distressed look.
  • After the antiquing glaze is dry, applying a product, like polyurethane that does not yellow, to protect the finish.

The distressed finish of the kitchen cabinets is complemented beautifully with brass, bronze, and distressed knobs that are white in color. If the brass and bronze are antique, it would be even more perfect. The latest oil rubbed finishes on hardware too are wonderful complements to painted cabinets that have the antiquing glaze done on them.

With these steps, you can be sure of achieving the distressed look on your painted cabinets with the antiquing glaze in no time at all!


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