Kitchen Cabinet Construction Options

Kitchen Cabinet Construction Options

wooden cupboard with opened empty drawerWhen remodeling kitchens, one of the most complicated decisions that you will make comes with the cabinets. There are so many options in materials, construction styles, design and staining options. All these options can be very confusing as well as overwhelming for the average person who is just looking to update their kitchen.

kitchen cabinets ~ Design Build Planners (2)As far as some basic elements of design and construction, there are two designs to consider: framed and frameless. Framed constructions mean that there is a frame around the outer cabinet box. This can add more sturdiness to the cabinet and helps it retain its square shape. This offers an overlay for the doors and drawers. There are 3 different varieties of this layover. The full overlay means the doors and drawers completely cover the face of the frame. Partial overlay means that the doors and drawers only a small part of the frame. Finally, full-inset means that the door and drawers were made to fit entirely within the frame opening.

The other design is the frameless design. Since there is no frame inside to block the perimeter of the cabinet opening, this offers more accessibility than the framed design. This also allows for a bigger drawer since there is no drawer box cut into the frame. These are also called the “European” style of cabinet. There is no real difference between the two options, other than the accessibility. This is completely a preferential thing.

Another consideration for cabinet construction is the components to choose from. Some think that you can look at cabinets like “building blocks”. There are the base cabinets, which are the cabinets that are mounted on the floor and support the countertop. These are often linked together to form an island or to go around the perimeter of a part or your entire kitchen. Wall cabinets are mounted on the wall, rather than the floor. These countertops are located over base cabinets and stoves. Finally, there are tall/pantry cabinets. They usually are the length of the floor to the ceiling. These can be standalone or attached to other cabinets.

The final biggest item in the construction is the materials used. There are a variety of materials used to make cabinets. Solid wood is one option. This means the cabinet is made of solid wood, usually all the way through though sometimes it can be a there are several pieces of wood joined together. Particle board is another common option. With this option, you will get an engineered product that is made from wood chips and particles. They are combined by glue and fused together to form boards and panels. This is commonly used for the boxes cabinets are made from and the shelving inside.

Another material is medium density fiberboard. This is another engineered wood product that is made of wood fibers. It has a finer texture than particle board, but it is denser and heavier than particle board. This is also commonly used for cabinet doors, shelves and cabinet boxes. Plywood is the final wood used in cabinets. This is also an engineered wood product that is popularly used. It has a series of layers in the wood that are glued together in a sandwich fashion. It can be used for the shelving, doors, and cabinet boxes.

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