Kitchen Backsplashes and Design

Tile backsplashes can make or break a kitchen space. Is this why the thought of creating one is stressful to many homeowners? What material type to use – stone, metal, glass…etc. What patterns or mural?  Don’t let it be overwhelming .

Try looking at a kitchen design like a man’s outfit. The cabinets are the suit – the largest area and the first decision to be made. The countertop is like the shirt. A complement to the suit and can either be subtle or bold. Finally, the tbacksplash is like the tie – the smaller area, but a reflection of personality. Either to blend in or make a statement. A compliment or a focal point.

When selecting a tile, look for one that works well with the main elements in your kitchen: cabinets, countertop, and floor. Bring your samples with you when you visit a tile showroom. Decide whether your backsplash will be a backdrop or focal point. If you need suggestions or help, consult the Design Build Planners.

Below are some  Houzz splashes to inspire you. Enjoy!

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