Jersey Shoreism Will Aid the Rebuilding of New Jersey’s Beach Communities

The Jersey Shore (“The Beach” to locals) has undergone an evolution in its identity.  Since 2009, the polarizing TV show associated with it has given the coastal communities a caricature of their personas.  The shore has became one of those places that “is not like it used to be.”  I believe that in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, the people of New Jersey will want to recapture the memories of a person’s youth, or to create new ones for their family; creating an environment for local businesses to thrive.

Everyone in and around New Jersey has memories from the beach; whether it was where you grew up, where you spent your summers, or where you just took day trips to, it has been a part of your life and your family.  What I have learned from this storm is that those memories are precious, and the only things that supersede them are the new memories you can form for your family, for your children, and one day, their children.  Most people I have spoken to agree with me.  There is a desire to ensure that every memory is kept intact, and that new ones are made.  There is a feeling of Jersey Shoreism in this post-Sandy time, much like the Patriotism following 9/11.  People want to be a part of the shore, the rebuilding, the new memories.

The Shoreism, Restore the Shore, feeling is not limited to families, homes, and business affected by Sandy. The Design Build Planners have seen this movement in those unaffected and in other areas away from the shore also. With a desire to be a part of the shore rebuilding, many families are pushing planned projects forward. The rebuilding has become contagious. Larger design build remodeling projects are on the rise again. So in part, families remodeling their kitchen, adding a bedroom suite, or any other remodeling feel a part of the overall effort. This movement is good for the economy, pride, and unity.

The complete rebuilding will take time.  Your favorite pier, boardwalk, beach, or even the home you grew up in may not be ready this summer, but they will be back for everyone to enjoy. In the meantime, support local relief charities, visit restaurants, shop in some of the great downtown areas.

~ Jason Parsons

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