Jenn-Air Refrigerator with Obsidian Black Interior

Jenn Air Obsidian Fridge-Design Build PlannersJenn-Air Refrigerator with Obsidian Black Interior

The new Jenn-Air refrigerator with Obsidian black interior is the new luxury kitchen design that will transform the way you keep your food fresh and the way your kitchen looks. In the new Jenn-Air built in refrigerators, you now have the option to complete it with a beautiful Obsidian black interior. Your food will be illuminated with LED lights, making it look both appetizing and dramatic every time you open the door. The refrigerator not only keeps food looking amazing, but tasting great as well. It automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity to create an optimal environment for your edibles, making sure they stay fresh and tasty for as long as possible. This is enabled by the TwinFresh climate controls, which allows you to create two unique climate settings within your fridge. No longer do you have to worry about one piece of produce being too cool while another one is too warm.

This model comes complete with soft-close Drawer System, which allows the drawers to open and close smoothly every time. This feature is great for when younger kids are using the fridge, as it is impossible to slam the drawers too hard and break them or to pinch little fingers in them.

Today’s extravagant homes are only as luxurious as their kitchen, so if you want to present your home as a place of luxury, you need to invest in your kitchen. To achieve the most sumptuous of cooking environments, this new refrigerator from Jenn-Air is a necessity. The black interior with LED lighting that perfectly reflects off of the black, but still creates minimum shadows, is the perfect display for your food. Complete your luxury kitchen with this added detail, or have this refrigerator be the center piece to your otherwise traditional kitchen. Either way, you can’t go wrong. This fridge looks stunning in any environment.

The kitchen is often seen as the most important room in the house, and as such should be treated with care. When you add beautiful appliances to your already high-class kitchen, not only will you feel more at ease there, it will also help your home increase in value should you ever decide to sell it. Even if you plan on taking the unit with you to your next home, selling a home is all about how you present it. Having high-class appliances will let your future buyer see what kind of life is possible in your household.

No matter what your reasoning is, not only will this model bring your kitchen to the next level visually, it will also bring your food to the next level by keeping it fresher longer. It is great to have things that look nice, but that does not mean much if they don’t do their original job well. Your family and guests will notice the difference in the quality of the food you serve and prepare. The Jenn-Air refrigerator with Obsidian black interior combines fashion and function to create the perfect refrigerator for your kitchen.


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