Island Stone Tile

Island Stone Tile (1)Are you interested in having your space exude the beauty of raw nature while still maintaining a contemporary look? In this case, island stone tile might be the choice for your next project. Varieties from Indonesian pebble tile to Asian contemporary exist. Pictured to the right is an example of Island Stone pebble series.

When discussing pebble tile, Island Stone has the following varieties:

  • Perfect Pebble: original and premier
  • King Pebble: Based on perfect pebble, uses larger, flat pebble for rugged look
  • Level Pebble: meshes perfect pebble and random tiles
  • Strip Pebble: modern design with natural material
  • Stacked Pebble: highlighted edge side of the pebble
  • Bali Pebble: price conscious alternative to the perfect pebble
  • Celestial Pebble: carefully placement of smaller, opposing colored pebbles
  • Petite Pebble: perfect pebble tile in a smaller size
  • Absolute Pebble: handpicked, equally sized pebbles

As previously mentioned, there are many other choices. These options include:

  • Random Series: unique and dramatic
  • Glass Tile Series
  • Cladding Series: textured
  • Mosaic

Professionals and do-it-yourselfers (DIY) can purchase Island Stone products at any of the 30+ Best Tile showroom location along the East Coast from New Hampshire down to North Carolina.

Below are pictures of design build remodeling projects from Design Build Planners and their Network Remodelers featuring Island Stone products.

Island Stone Tile (2)   Island Stone Tile (3)   Island Stone Tile (4)

Island Stone Tile (5)   Island Stone Tile (6)   Island Stone Tile (7)

Island Stone Tile (8)   Island Stone Tile (9)   Island Stone Tile (10)

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