Interior Wall Removal in Remodeling

Open floor plan - NJ design build remodeling (1)A popular design request of the Design Build Planners for a remodeling project is to remove an interior wall to create an open floor plan. Most typically it is around the kitchen area, but can be for any combination of rooms. The actual space gained is minimal, generally representing less than six inches by the length of the wall to be removed. However, the newly defined space often looks and feels much larger. Additionally, furniture can be spread out more, even encroaching on the adjacent room once the wall barrier has been removed.

While interior wall removal in remodeling is commonly requested in New Jersey and across the country, many do not realize all the potential work that needs to be considered and may be required. The actual cost to achieve this popular interior design build remodeling feature might be under $1,000 but can tally over $10,000. Here is a list of many items that may possibly need to be included:

  • Open floor plan - NJ design build remodeling (3)architect fees is the wall is structural and bearing to the house framing
  • temporary wall and ceiling bracing for removing a structural wall
  • demolition
  • debris disposal
  • moving electrical wiring, switches, and receptacles
  • moving any plumbing pipes that may be in the wall
  • relocating heat or air conditioning duct work, radiators, or hot water baseboard units
  • new framing as required with structural header material, stud support, and knee walls (if designed)
  • a new structural header location may require transferred support below in the form of a footing in the slab and/or a post in the basement
  • Open floor plan - NJ design build remodeling (8)drywall patching with spackling and finishing
  • patching the finished floor
  • refinish adjacent wood floors is present and required
  • re-work base, wall, and ceiling molding as required and affected
  • install structural or decorative columns if required or requested
  • arched opening finishes if requested
  • decorative trim molding as desired
  • painting which will included continuous walls and ceilings over larger area with the new, open floor plan

The next time you think to say, “Just remove that wall” be prepared to hear all that work will entail and cost.

Below are a few photos of design build remodeling projects that featured interior wall removal to an open floor plan.

Open floor plan - NJ design build remodeling (2)   Open floor plan - NJ design build remodeling (4)   Open floor plan - NJ design build remodeling (5)

Open floor plan - NJ design build remodeling (6)   SONY DSC   Open floor plan - NJ design build remodeling (9)

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