Interior Trim Details for Walls, Ceilings, Windows, and Doors

Welcome to the wonderful world of interior trim. From baseboards to casings, from crowns to railings, trim is a design element that adds depth, detail and richness to a room. But it has become so common, so ubiquitous, that many people don’t give it much thought. We go to the local lumber store or big-box home center and purchase a few feet of “colonial” or “ranch” moldings and then call it a day. That’s a shame, as there are so many profiles, sizes, materials and more.

The Design Build Planners take pride in discussing many project elements of front, such as an upgraded trim package, to match client expectations and budgets in the proper order. Our standard selections are based on the history of previous projects produced. For instance, 5 1/4″ base throughout and ceiling crown for family rooms, great rooms, and master bedrooms are a default selection.

So let’s look at some trim elements and see how they are positioned on a wall and how they can enliven a room.

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