Interior Decorating at the New Jersey Shore by Moira

Whether you would like to update an existing room to give it a new look or are planning a major remodel, Moira Youmans will provide you with the personalized service and assistance you need to create a home that showcases your feeling for style and color, while working within your budget.

Moira Youmans, decoraiting at the Jersey ShoreWorking with Moira in the comfort of your own home will make it easier for you to visualize how new colors and fabrics will coordinate with your existing or new furnishings and will avoid you from making costly mistakes.

Let Moira help you by selecting the right furnishings, window treatments, lighting fixtures and accessories to make your home reflect your personal style, while making the best use of your investment!

The end result will be a wonderful experience that will fit your lifestyle, taste and personality.

Contact the Design Build Planners today to coordinate a consultation with Moira to discover the possibilities for YOUR home. As a bonus, Moira will offer homeowners referred by the Design Build Planners a professional trade discount!

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