Installing a Home Safe

Installing a Home Safe

empty metal safe in wallPassports, jewelry and other types of legal documents are a few of the most precious items in any households. Safety experts recommend to keeps these documents and other high value documents in a fire proof home safe.

There are many places inside the house where you can safely store your safe containing your precious items. Home safes are designed and manufactured in many shapes and sizes and they can also be customized to suit a particular demand from a customer. These safes are heavy to lift due to reinforced steel used to make it fire proof and resistant to other types of damages.

Many experts recommend keeping two safes in one home. One should be fire resistant and other should theft proof. People are advised to divide their valuable in accordance with their monetary and sentimental value. For example your tax returns should be stored inside a fire proof safe, while passport and other sensitive should be stored in a theft proof safe.

The first step to install a safe inside a home is to find a safe and discreet location. You can choose to install a floor safe or a wall safe based on the design of the house. Pay proper attention to any electrical or plumbing lines crossing your chosen spot. Avoid any areas which may have any wiring running through it, so to avoid any type of fire in the future.

Floor safes add extra level of safety as it easily concealed by floors on top of it. Consult with a professional before installing a heavy safe in the floor to avoid disturbing any load bearing beams. Installation of the floor safe requires a professional to do the job. Most of the time a floor safe is required to be installed inside a cavity made in a solid (mostly concrete) floor. As houses are designed in such a way it is difficult to find a large space under the floorboards without any load bearing beams. To make it more secure and theft safe it is highly recommended to pour concrete around the floor safes.

Another option for home owners is to install a wall safe. These safes can be generally installed by you without any professional help. There are two types of safes:

  • Wall mounted safes: Wall mounted safes can be mounted in the wall by using bolts
  • Built in wall safes.

These wall mounted safes are generally mounted and fitted into a cavity in the wall. This custom made cavity had to be strong enough to securely bear the extra weight of the safe and also of the valuables inside it. Securing a safe inside a wall or under the floor requires precise calculation so the integrity of the structure of the house is not compromised.

A safe is a secure storage space to keep all your precious belongings and documents. Always choose to install your safe in an inconspicuous location to further minimize the risk of theft.


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