Inline Injector Pump for Basement Bar Sink

An inline injector pump allows you to have a sink in your basement. This comes in handy when looking to create a wet bar area in your next remodel or if you wanted a sink next to the laundry in the basement. Read more to find out about the practicability of having an inline injector pump in your basement.

An injector pump is installed in a basin with a sealed lid. It allows for collection of water from a sink. Some mistakenly think that an injector pump is the same thing as a sub pump, but it is not. Sub pumps are frequently installed by basement waterproofing companies, but an HVAC professional is recommended for an injector pump install.

Consider how helpful it would be to have a sink in the basement after entertaining? Instead of having to go up and down the stairs to clean the dishes or glasses, one can simply just stay in the basement. Having a sink in a basement bar also gives an aesthetically pleasing touch to the space.





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