Incorporating a Garden in Your Home

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incorporationg a garden in your home ~ Organic Gurlz Gardens Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana will be sharing information on Incorporating a Garden in Your Home.

Enjoying the garden while lounging on the deck is nice; but what if you brought the garden indoors?

We at Organic Gurlz Gardens are constantly innovating to transport some garden feel to the interior of a home.

Entry Way:

Want to maintain the flow of the garden – straight inside?

Placing a few potted herbs such as Sage, Lemon Balm and Mint by an entry can add a pop of color and shed a delightful scent.

If you don’t necessarily have room to put plants in your entry way, consider this next option.


incorporationg a garden in your home ~ Organic Gurlz Gardens (3)Mostly found in small sizes, terrariums resemble a fish tank that works as an indoor greenhouse.

Small terrariums are wonderful options for planting herbs and make chic décor items.

Some terrariums can even be custom built inside of a home to the scale of a bedroom!


Virtually anywhere you have a windowsill, (with a window, of course) you can place a plant.

incorporationg a garden in your home ~ Organic Gurlz Gardens (2)For instance, you may put a Rosemary plant on the bathroom’s windowsill. After all, it can be used as a mouthwash!

Miniature terra cotta pots with seedlings sprouting add liveliness to the home – and a great topic for conversation.

(If you’re wondering about the Rosemary mouthwash, here is how to make it.)

Steep garden-fresh rosemary leaves in about pint of boiling water. Strain the leaves out and use the remaining liquid as a mouth rinse as frequently as the bad breath creeps up on you.

It will keep in the fridge if concealed.

Wine bottle racks:

You may have a quizzical look on your face right now, but wine bottle racks are great for planting!

Placing Mason Jars (or tiny no-stem wine glasses, if you want to keep the theme) filled with soil and seeds inside the rack holes is a space-saving way to garden indoors.

(In addition, this look compliments the atmosphere of the kitchen!)

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Keep on growing!

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