Improving the Remodeling Estimate a Free E-booklet

Homeowners and remodelers alike have found the downloadable, free e-booklet “Improving the Remodeling Estimate” quite informative and valuable. This Design Build Planners seven-page special report describes the ideal process for the initial remodeler-homeowner meeting from the perspective of each party in order to help make the experience mutually beneficial and productive. This paves the way to save time and money with the Design Build Planners unique process. There are no industry rules or guidelines as how the design build remodeling process should go or even begin. The information compiled in this report is based upon actual experiences and interactions with homeowners by the Design Build Planners and their associates. Applying these principles and methods speeds up the process, avoids wasted time and frustration, and opens the door for clear transparency and great communication. This report also references other related information and handouts available upon request. The “Improving the Remodeling Estimate” e-booklet can be accessed and downloaded easily from any page in the website. Simply enter your name and email in the box below. Additionally, you will be updated with on-going information through periodic Design Build Planners emails.

While the website, the internet, and email are valuable tools these days, the Design Build Planners still rely on the telephone for personal communication. Any homeowner or remodeler that would like to discuss an upcoming project or any remodeling industry topic or business strategy is welcome to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation. Visit our contact page or click the image below to set a time, convenient for you, to speak with either Jason or Neil Parsons.



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