Hunterdon County NJ Bathroom Designs

hunterdon-county-nj-hall-bathroom-plan-1-cad-design-build-pros-2The Hunterdon County, New Jersey homeowner hired Design Build Planners to create designs for the hall bathrooms in the home. Thus, 3 different design plans were created for this commonly requested remodeling project. The final computer designs  were created by Jason Parsons, a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler. The homeowners style preferences were for a timeless finish. They drew their inspiration from kitchen projects featured on The design options are a result of homeowners online research combined with an in-home consultation with Design Build Planners. There is also a proprietary profile checklist that homeowners fill out that depicts their lifestyle and room usage. Here are a few pictures of the existing space. existing-1   existing-2   existing-3 Below, you will find the scopes and CAD for the hall bathroom remodeling project. Plan 1 ~ ROBUST
  • Cut  wall in sink area to 48"
  • Tub spout, diverter, and hand held on lower wall, rain head in ceiling
  • 14" niche in shower with two shelves
  • Subway tile with mosaic accent in tub/shower area to the ceiling, outside shower to 48"
  • Glass enclosure
  • Add recessed light with two sconces
  • Gray furniture vanity with marble/quartzite top
hunterdon-county-nj-hall-bathroom-plan-1-cad-design-build-pros-1   hunterdon-county-nj-hall-bathroom-plan-1-cad-design-build-pros-2 Plan 2 ~ Modest
  • No wall tile
  • 6x8 Shower
  • 12x12 Floor Tile
  • Standard vanity
  • White furniture vanity
  • Standard wall sconce
  • Wall remains full height
  • Shower curtain in place of glass door
hunterdon-county-nj-hall-bathroom-plan-2-cad-design-build-pros-2   hunterdon-county-nj-hall-bathroom-plan-2-cad-design-build-pros-1 Plan 3~ WOW
  • Convert tub to shower and move to rear wall
  • Single, wide niche
  • Bench in shower
  • Body sprays in shower
  • Full height tile on wet wall
  • Replace window with tempered unit
  • Relocate toilet and remove vanity wall completely
  • Spray foam insulation in bathroom
  • Heated towel bar
hunterdon-county-nj-hall-bathroom-plan-3-cad-design-build-pros-1   hunterdon-county-nj-hall-bathroom-plan-3-cad-design-build-pros-2   Back to Gallery    
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