How to Use an Architect Scale Ruler

One thing the Design Build Planners always leave their clients with at the design reveal appointment is an architect’s ruler. Design plans are created to scale and the architect’s ruler allows clients to determine the actual dimensions of the space in the project. Architect’s rulers are most frequently triangular so that you are able to use multiple scale ratios if need be. Read more below on using an architect’s ruler.



When considering the triangular shape there will be six total sides and two sets of dimensions. This is often where people run into some trouble as one set of dimensions starts from the left and the second set starts from the right.

You begin by finding the side that correctly correlates to the design plan’s scale.  Just as with a regular ruler, place the “zero” on the starting point. From there, count to the “tick mark” of the end point you are trying to measure to. The number directly below the aligned line will be the number of feet between the two points in the project.  Now, by going to the zero end of the scale, inches will be measured by distance of the starting point of the object being measured to the zero point of the scale.












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