How to Mix High and Low Decorating Styles on a Budget

How to Mix High and Low Decorating Styles on a Budget

A high-end design style is every homeowner’s dream, but budget restraints may cause you to think it’s impossible. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice style to accomplish your financial goals. One contractor lead generation company has talked to contractors and designers on how to achieve high/low decorating style—that is, high-end on a low budget. Here are some tips to establish a chic vibe without the expensive price tag.

Purchase One Big Item Per Room

How to Mix High and Low Decorating Styles on a Budget (1)Every room has a main purpose, and that purpose may vary for each homeowner. For a busy mother, a living room may serve as a place to cuddle up with the family and watch a movie. For a freelancer, a home office is more than just a room—it’s a place of employment. Evaluate what each room of your home really means to you. What is its main purpose?

This should help you decide what you want to spend your money on. In your living room, perhaps you’ll decide to put a larger portion of your budget toward a sectional or a large ottoman. In the bedroom, it may be a cozy bed that enables you to catch up on sleep and fight insomnia.

In order to stay within your budget, decide on one big-ticket item per room. Instead of buying everything at top retail price, just look for a great deal on your main piece. Then you can fill in the rest.


Accessorize with a Color Pallette

How to Mix High and Low Decorating Styles on a Budget (2)Most high-end looks establish an aesthetic through color and texture. To accomplish this, first decide on a color palette for your room. Find inspiration from paint samples or designer’s websites. There are a ton of resources on social media, like Pinterest and Houzz. Use this color palette to decorate your entire room.

Pick your main colors and your accent colors. For example, if your color palette is packed with neutral tones, incorporate a pop of color to liven up a space. Accents are best woven in through textiles like drapery or throw pillows. You can also use wall art to pick up those hues. Be sure to play with textures, too.

When it comes to choosing furniture and decor, browse through secondhand shops first to see what you can repurpose. Sanding and repainting furniture can transform pieces from drab to fab. You may be surprised what you can do!


Create Clean Lines and Focal Points

How to Mix High and Low Decorating Styles on a Budget (3)When it comes to high-end design, you can actually use what you have to correctly stage a room. Thinking strategically about how to lay out a room can make a huge difference. Eliminate clutter by incorporating innovative storage techniques, like a storage ottoman or a coffee table that slides open to hold Blu-Rays. Avoid overcrowding shelves, tables, and mantels with decorations. This will allow you to establish clean lines.

Create focal points through staging to make the gaze travel to your most unique or largest item. You can even use lighting to accomplish this, by highlighting furniture with tabletop or floor lamps, and wall art with spotlights.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home look like a million bucks!


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