How to Make Homemade Holiday Beer

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how to make homemade holiday beer - Organic Gurlz GardensToday, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana will be sharing information on How to Make Homemade Holiday Beer.

The snow-filled holidays are swinging around and I bet you are ready to prepare your spectacular beer for the winter. Don’t fret about not having the beverage to impress – I have a few tips and tricks to assist in wowing anyone who sips the ‘over 21’ drink.

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First off, decide on your flavorings.
Nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, or even adding some essential oils to your brew can amp up the zest in your custom beverage.

Other flavors such as Cherry or Peppermint (of course) fit in with the jubilant holiday theme.

Try unique things that match up with the popular winter flavors – feel free to experiment with the wonderland of scrumptious spices.

Little tip to remember when you brew – Stout or ale is best for brewing up holiday specialties.

When that extra bit of adult time is needed, I practice finding the right alcohol content.

Many suggest increasing ABV, or alcohol by volume, is better for the beer to be savored.

It is not vital to have high alcohol content – some (me included) find high amounts of alcohol strong enough to power through the key flavors. (This may turn quite overwhelming for your pallet.)

Dial up or down the alcohol level; whichever your taste buds are comfortable with.

Things to remember for Lagers:
Lager is a beer that prefers to dwell in the colder temperatures. Many think Lager to be the “oh-so” perfect beer to brew in the winter time. While this is logical, the warmth from the heating system may inflict the intended taste of the beer.

After making this adult beverage, you will have to store it in a cool area. If you don’t have the necessary space in your refrigerator to store the beer, deposit in a cool basement or garage – temperatures are different in these rooms then in the ‘true’ household.

Little tip to remember after your brew – Remember to chill your beverages for maximum enjoyment!

Enjoying the flavor of your homemade micro-brew responsibly is not only self-satisfying; it can be a product of your own backyard’s harvest!


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