How to Make an Indoor Herb Garden

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Make an indoor herb garden - Organic Gurlz Gardens (1)This is AnnahMarie.

Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana will be sharing information on How to Make an Indoor Herb Garden.

For those who have an apartment, condo, or just don’t have a ‘true’ outdoor garden, we at Organic Gurlz Gardens have shaped a few ways to make use of everyday objects for a functional yet chic indoor garden.

Mason Jars:

Mason jars are easy to find around the house and make awesome planting devices!

Make an indoor herb garden - Organic Gurlz Gardens (3)**Using a glass drill bit, drill a few holes for drainage at the bottom of the jars. This is necessary for old muffin trays and coffee mugs as well.

Enjoy your glass beauties adorning the window sill!

The best outcome for your garden is Organic Gurlz Gardens! We guarantee our raised garden beds for 5 years, with maintenance and care.

Old muffin trays:

These trays are perfect for planting seedlings – after all, the holes are already premade!

Just a bit of soil and some seeds and your seedlings should take off in no time.

Old coffee mugs:

Make an indoor herb garden - Organic Gurlz Gardens (2)Purchased a surplus tea cup and don’t know what to do with it?

Old coffee mugs and tea cups can add a touch of modern to your indoor herb garden. If you don’t want the style of the ‘mainstream’ mugs hosting a nook of your countertop, you can purchase a blank cup and doodle away!

Egg carton:

Using egg cartons for planting seedlings is a common method at Organic Gurlz Gardens. Since the world outdoors can seem “scary” for a little seedling, planting them indoors with the egg carton as its little “home” is great to start. Plus, the egg carton material is biodegradable when ready to transfer into the outdoors. You can give the Earth back to the Earth!

**It is important to use the cardboard material for the egg carton; not the Styrofoam.*

A little section on plant labels 

Hand Painted Rocks:

If you want to add some peppy colors to your indoor (or outdoor) garden, this is the plant label to use. Painted rocks are a fun and nifty way to not only label your fruits and veggies, but your herbs as well.

This project is pretty straightforward – just paint your rocks to the desired design and name away.

So grab your paint brushes; it’s time to add some wonderful hues to your garden!

**We at Organic Gurlz Gardens suggest using a more eco-based paint for organic reasons**

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