How to Make a Concrete Countertop

How to Make a Concrete Countertop

Concrete Countertops (1)-Design Build PlannersWhen you are remodeling your home, you may be looking to do something fresh and unique to really change things up. Something you should definitely consider when you are remodeling your kitchen is new countertops. Sure, there are many beautiful pre-fab countertops available but if you want to do something unlike anything anyone else has, why not consider making your own concrete countertop? This can be a fun, DIY project and can save you a lot of money, while providing you with a gorgeous and unique countertop. Even if you do not know how to make a concrete countertop, this step by step article will help you get the job done properly.

The first thing that you are going to want to do when you are beginning the process of making your own concrete countertops is to remove your old countertops and begin measuring so you know how big the new countertops will need to be to fit on the counter. Once you have the measurements, you can then use the measurements to cut a piece of cement board to fit your countertop. Once you have the basic shape cut out, you will want to cut the curves and perhaps the holes for the sink into the cement board. This is best done using a jigsaw with a wood blade. You can attach the cement board to the top of your cabinets using drywall screws. This makes it easy for future owners to remove if they want to change their countertops. You will want to cover any cracks with mesh tape, as well. Next, you will want to dampen the cement board with a spray bottle filled with water. Be sure you do not get it too wet though. You’ll need to mix up the concrete and begin to spread it over the cement board. You will also smooth it out with a level when you are finished. You can throw some pretty colored glass chips into the cement if you want to for a pop of fun color. You’ll embed them by gently pressing them into the mixture with a trowel.

When you’re all finished, let the concrete sit for three days before you seal it, polish it and wax it to the final look. You will see that your countertop looks beautiful and that all of your hard work paid off. Not only will you have a gorgeous new countertop to enjoy, but you can also be proud of the fact that you performed a huge part of kitchen remodeling using a DIY method and saved yourself a ton of money.


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