How to Lower Blood Pressure

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How to Lower Blood Pressure - Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne IndianaHypertension, or HBP (High Blood Pressure) is a serious condition that impacts the heart – literally. Hypertension may damage and scar the arteries in the human body and may lead to heart disease, heart failure, or a stroke. Many who have this circumstance are unaware the ailment is occurring or are unsure of how to treat hypertension.

*The American Heart Association suggests to manage your Systolic numbers from 95-120 and your Diastolic numbers from 80 and below. “140 can be many things, but it’s too high for blood pressure.” – American Heart Association, Inc.

How can I test for Hypertension?

One method of checking your Blood Pressure level is to use a Blood Pressure Cuff – similar to the one at the Physician’s office. Blood Pressure Cuffs can be purchased at most health stores – some convenience stores even offer a free “stand” for blood pressure testing.

Aiding the “hyper” tension:

Ironically, hypertension does not occur based on one’s personality – whether it is hyper or placid. We at Organic Gurlz Gardens are here to provide a few ways to “ease the pressure”.

Consume less salt or salt – containing products:

Consuming vast amounts of Sodium rich products may contribute to high blood pressure. We at Organic Gurlz Gardens recommend communicating with your physician about diet fluctuations.

Limit alcohol consumption and smoking:

Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking can raise Blood Pressure levels quite high and may lead to lung cancer as further respiratory issues.

Manage Stress:

Aromatherapy, yoga, and other soothing, relaxing practices are great for turning down the stress level. Some even find meditation to be the perfect calming practice. So, get ready to enjoy awesome (lower) numbers and a peaceful spirit!

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Remember these few tips to decrease your Blood Pressure Level and help assist the many risks of Hypertension.

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