How to Hook Up a Natural Gas BBQ Grill

ONatural gas bbq grill in outdoor kitchen - Design Build PlannersHow to Hook Up a Natural Gas BBQ

The safest and most convenient way to install a natural gas BBQ grill is by installing a “gas plug.” This is a box which is fitted on the exterior of your house and contains a gas valve and a pipe to which you connect the gas hose of your grill. The gas plug is safer than other options and allows you to quickly and easily disconnect and store your BBQ grill.

The first thing you need to do is check that your local authority permits you to install a gas plug to the exterior of your home. Some areas may have restrictions and the last thing you want is to install a gas plug and then find out you need to have it removed. If you live in a property which is controlled by a Homeowner’s Association, you may need to get permission from the Homeowner’s Association.

Once you have checked that you can install a gas plug, you need to call your gas provider or find a licensed plumber who can install the gas plug. Dealing with natural gas can be dangerous and you should only attempt to fit a gas plug yourself if you have the relevant experience and qualifications. You should never risk your life for the sake of saving a bit of money on labor costs.

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Natural gas bbq grill in outdoor kitchen - Design Build Planners (2)When the plumber has installed the gas plug, you will have the end of a pipe and a safety valve in a plastic casing. The safety valve is the star performer in this set-up: you cannot disconnect your BBQ grill hose until the flow of gas has been switched off. When your BBQ grill is disconnected, gas will not flow if you try to switch on the safety valve. It is therefore impossible to leave the gas turned on when you are not using the BBQ grill.

The plumber will then connect your gas plug to your natural gas supply. They will do this by attaching a new fitting to your gas pipe, hooking it up to a pipe leading to the gas plug. You may also have another valve installed on the end of the pipe which connects to your main gas pipe, which makes it easier to service the gas plug in future.

To connect your BBQ grill to the gas plug, you simply take the end of the grill’s hose and attach it to the end of the pipe in the gas plug. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you attach the hose securely. Check that there are no kinks in your BBQ grill hose and that everything is lined up straight. Make sure that you aren’t putting any strain on the hose and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to set up the grill itself.

Once everything is in place, you simply switch on the safety valve in the gas plug – remember that gas will not flow unless your BBQ grill is attached properly – and get cooking.


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