How to Grow Artichokes

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The history of Artichokes

Believed to originate in the Mediterranean, Artichokes were eaten by the Romans and Greeks and later by the Arabs. However, after the plummet of Rome, artichokes were rare in Europe until the 15th century when they were grown in Italy. From that point in time, Artichokes spread to the rest of Europe.

How to grow artichokes

Artichoke from Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne IndianaThe artichoke, or Cynara scolymus, can be grown almost everywhere in the United States, except possibly Florida, where the summer is too hot. The supreme growing conditions are cool and moist summers and moderate winters.

If you live in a climate more brisk than Zone 8, your best bet is to start your new plants each year. If you have a mild winter and mulch very well, the artichokes may survive as perennials. Remember, it’s the artichoke’s roots that need protection.

Using transplants, you can grow artichokes as annuals in the freezing – winter climates as long as there are 90 to 100 frost-free days. You start Artichokes indoors in late winter or early spring. They will be ready to harvest from late summer through early fall.

Gardeners who are lucky enough to have the best growing conditions may be able to harvest artichokes throughout the year. For these people, it would not be unusual to harvest 30 artichokes per year per plant.

There are several ways to begin your artichoke garden: with seed, with shoots taken from existing plants, or with dormant roots. Artichokes are easily started from seed in a greenhouse or under fluorescent lights.
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