How to Deal with Wasps

How to deal with wasps - Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne Indiana (1)Hi There, Fellow Gardeners!

This is AnnahMarie.

Today, Organic Gurlz Gardens of Fort Wayne, Indiana will be sharing information on How to Deal with Wasps.

Plenty of gardeners have experienced the turbulence in peace that accompanies wasps.

Imagine enjoying a carefree summer day outside, sipping some lemonade, enjoying the fragrances and beauty of the garden. Suddenly, one wasp flies toward you and lands in your glass.

This is no big deal, until you seem to be surround by 5 more of the pesky insects.

Don’t risk being followed into your home by wasps! It is a bad decision to swat aimlessly at the insects and risk a stinger in your arm. Also, when one wasp is squished, pheromones are released that attracts numerous other wasps.

How to Get Rid of Wasp Nests:

One natural method to deteriorating nests on your siding is to pour 100% white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray down the wasp hub. In addition, the foam from soapy water also works well to kill wasps.

How to deal with wasps - Organic Gurlz Gardens Fort Wayne Indiana (2)Make sure that pets and children are not nearby when spraying down the nest.

It is best to use this technique early in the morning or very late at night. The wasps are less active at these times.

Be sure to not wear bright colors when spraying down the nest. (This makes you look like a giant flower.)

Rather than be stung, hiring a professional certified exterminator is worth the cost – wasps are not only detrimental to the garden, but their stingers may contain poisonous bacteria.

Allergic reactions:

If you or someone near you has an allergic reaction when dealing with wasps, be sure to constantly check for symptoms-

  • Excessive sweating
  • Headache
  • Swollen tongue

*We strongly advise to contact your physician before attempting to do any wasp-work*

Side note from Becca:

Wasps are similar to mosquitoes – besides being annoying, they are attracted to sweet scents; so it best to avoid wearing perfume when dealing with the insects.

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