How Does a Sun Tunnel Work?

How Does a Sun Tunnel Work?

Velux sun tunnel - Design Build Planners (1)Don’t you just hate it when you’re looking for something in your closet and you can’t see what you’re clutching at? Or when you’re walking in the dark hallway, bumping your toe against something because of a lack of light? I know I do.

Most of us have this sort of problem. There isn’t enough light reaching those tight spots in our houses during the day, but it’s not a big enough space to install a light.

The problem of dark spaces in our houses is officially a thing of the past. A fairly new product is being adopted by companies specializing in windows and roof windows. They call it the sun tunnel, and it is a very easy concept to grasp.

What is it?

Velux sun tunnel - Design Build Planners (1)Good question! A sun tunnel is a device that is installed in your roof in order to for sunlight to come into your home. It is a totally natural concept that allows you to brighten up any room without having to use any form of electricity.

How can I install it?

There a few companies specializing in the installation of sun tunnels. One such company is Velux. They have been installing roof windows in American houses for over 60 years and they are now offering the installation of sun tunnels, or as they call it Skylights, as well. It is important to note that it is advisable for you to hire a company that employs experienced and well-trained technicians to install your sun tunnel. They are the people who are qualified to fit them inside your roof, and it will minimize the risk of damage.

How does it work?

Now we come to the technicalities of a sun tunnel. Using Velux as an example, they offer two different types of sun tunnels:

  • Velux sun tunnel - Design Build Planners (2)Flexible tunnel – this option is suitable for houses with obstacles inside their roof structure. You can choose from different designs, including a low profile TGF which will integrate the sun tunnel along with the slope of your roof, or the pitched TMF where the sun tunnel will be pitch on the outside of your roof. Each design has different advantages and the choice will depend on the effect you want to create.
  • Rigid tunnel – this option is suitable for houses with a short space in between the ceiling and the roof. As with the flexible tunnel option you can choose between a low profile TGR and a pitched TMR. Along with these two option you get another which is called a flat glass TLR. This option is perfect for areas that do not allow dome tubular skylights, or if you just want to create a sleek look on your roof.

You can of course choose to install decorative rims or diffusers around your sun tunnel on the inside of your house in order for it to match the color scheme of the room. This is a great way to save on electricity costs by letting solar energy light up your life.

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