How Do Pocket Doors Work?

How Does a Pocket Door Work?

pocket doors - Design Build Planners (1)Pocket doors are actually quite unique and have been around for years, sliding into their metal and wood cages, installed when the walls are framed. They are prominent in older homes and are most commonly used for privacy or to separate a living room from a parlor or even a dining room. When these doors weren’t in use, they could disappear into the wall, but they were easy to pull out again when they were needed. These doors continue to be a great space saving solution even today, especially in bathrooms where a traditional door would take up too much space.

Purposes of Pocket Doors

pocket door assembly and framing - Design Build PlannersPocket doors actually can serve many different purposes, as previously mentioned. In older, Victorian homes, these unique doors were installed to separate a parlor from a dining room. You will see that they also work great in bathrooms where there isn’t a lot of space for a door that would need to swing open, but they are great in bathrooms where a handicapped person lives as well, as they are much easier to open and close. They can also look very modern when paired with the right hardware. You can also add a mirror to one side of the pocket doors to give it more purpose, and this is especially beneficial if you are going to use it as a closet door. Additionally, you will see that you can get a half pocket door, which will work well to keep dogs in a restricted area, while still making things convenient for you.

Getting Pocket Doors

pocket doors - Design Build Planners (2)Getting pocket doors is a great way to make your home look beautiful and to add the privacy you may need without taking drastic measures. While installing pocket doors really is something you could do yourself with the proper knowledge, it is a task that most home owners prefer to have a professional tackle for them. You will see that a professional architect or carpenter will be able to come in and install these doors in practically no time for you, transforming your home the way you imagined it. The hideaway doors will provide you with the privacy and the style you want, easily and affordably. You will also find that these doors are not nearly as expensive as you’d think they were and can be put in for a little more than what a normal door would cost, depending on the design you choose.

pocket doors - Design Build Planners 2As you can see, there are many reasons as to why you would want to get pocket doors. They are absolutely beautiful, can really transform your home and can be great space savers as well. You will also see that they are much more convenient for someone who is handicapped to open and shut. There are many different styles available, so you are sure to find one that is perfect for your unique taste and your home. Finally, whether you install these doors yourself or you hire a professional to do it for you, you’ll be able to utilize them in no time and enjoy the new look of your home!


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