Household Uses for White Vinegar

Household Uses for White Vinegar

White vinegarWhite Vinegar is an ingredient that is found in most kitchens. It contains acetic acid and has been commercially produced, for almost 2,500 years. Thus, it is one of the oldest products that have been used by the human beings. Vinegar also comes in different types and most of them are produced by alcohol oxidization into acetic acid. The most versatile of all has been white vinegar, which offers a multitude of household uses. It is quite versatile, cheap and is allergy free. Some of the most common household uses of white vinegar are listed below.

If few tablespoons of vinegar is added to the water when eggs are being poached, the whites don’t leak out and stay formed. Even if the shells of the eggs crack, the whites of the eggs stay intact.

If your green, leafy vegetables have wilted, you can freshen them up by soaking them in a mixture of cold water with a dash of white vinegar. This solution is perfect for perking up the veggies.

If you do not like the pungent odor of onions that comes in the hands after chopping onions, a little white vinegar may be rubbed in the hands to remove the odor.

When any vegetable like cauliflower or broccoli from the cabbage family is being cooked, a little vinegar when added to the water will reduce the gassiness and perk up its taste. When cooking beans, the same idea can be used to enhance its taste.

White vinegar also proves to be beneficial when it comes to various cleaning tasks. The presence of acetic acid acts as odor neutralizer and a disinfectant.

The garbage disposal can be cleaned and deodorized by using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in equal parts. When the solution is put down the drain, it cleans the passage thoroughly. Allowing the mixture in the drain for some time, it can be flushed out later using warm water. The sink will be totally clean and free from any odor.

The caked-on food can be loosened by using the steam of the boiling water and vinegar. It also helps in getting rid of odors from the microwave.

If white vinegar is placed on the table along with some smashed fruit and a plastic wrap with holes covered on it, the fruit flies are attracted towards it and get trapped. This is the best way to handle the problem of fruit flies.

Vinegar soaked paper towels can be used to wrap the glasses, if they get cloudy in the dishwasher. After some time, the cloudy deposits get rinsed off.

If you are facing the problem of tile grouting, instead of using bleach, use vinegar for scrubbing them using a toothbrush.

Dirty or slightly scuffed DVDs can be made functional again by wiping them using a soft cloth soaked in white vinegar.

The marks of water condensation on the wood that seems to be so unsightly can be removed by using vegetable oil and vinegar mixed in equal parts.

The above mentioned household uses of white vinegar make the lives of homemakers quite easy.

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