Household Uses for Duct Tape

Household Uses for Duct Tape

Household uses for duct tape - Design Build PlannersAlthough duct tape has been around for over 70 years, it has not always been known as duct tape. Originally it was just an adhesive tape invented by a 3M employee in the 1920’s. In 1942 Johnson & Johnson began manufacturing what was known as the WWII Military Version. This version was made from a similar cloth medical tape which was one of their best sellers. It was good moisture protection and worked on just about everything that needed to be fixed. When the housing industry became aware of this nearly indestructible fix-all tape, it began using it for joining air conditioning or heating ducts. It’s color changed from army green to silver so that it would match the ductwork. What an incredible invention!

So exactly what can it fix?

  1. Rubber Hoses: Try wrapping it in layers smoothly around the hose, sealing the leak.
  2. Cracked Rake Handles: Try winding it in smooth layers around the handle, covering the splinters and actually making a quite comfortable non-slip hand grip.
  3. Secure your vehicle’s rearview mirror: That little incident in the parking lot was a bit of an inconvenience but the tape will hold it until it can be fixed.
  4. Mending ripped car upholstery: Several layers across the tears will hold indefinitely.
  5. Binding all those messy cords together that have been lying like tangled snakes in the home office.
  6. That old book that gets read at least once a year is falling apart. Good old duct tape will hold it together for a long time to come.
  7. A crack in that garden bucket can be sealed up and it can still be used for years.
  8. Using it on the back of a picture frame to hold the picture in place is another fix-it matter.
  9. Duct tape always works well on those holes in the screens too. Flies and pesky insects have a difficult time getting through even one layer of this incredible solution.
  10. Duct tape can also be readily used for its original task of connecting those heating and air conditioning ducts that have been needing attention for so long.

We’ve come a long way, baby! From the original adhesive tape to super strength bonding in temporarily fixing metal, wood, plastic, leather, glass, screen and even cloth (great for a quick fix on a hem), duct tape has possibly become an additional “wonder of the world.” The possibilities are an endless avenue of discovery, limited only by one’s own imagination. If something is broken, analyze it from the point of view of a brand new roll of duct tape, sitting there waiting for a chance to prove itself. It is strong, determined, dependable, flexible and available in all different colors these days (even camouflage in pink, green, blue, brown) and it is so very eager to show itself off. Give it a job and it will do its best to solve the problem – at least temporarily.


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