5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring a House Builder in Monmouth County

House Builder in Monmouth County and Ocean County NJWhen it comes time to hire a Monmouth County home architect or builder, you have a lot of options, but also a lot of things to watch out for. As you can probably imagine, the right custom home builder can make the whole process a dream, but the wrong one could turn that same dream into a nightmare. Avoiding the following mistakes can help save your sanity and get your house built with minimal amounts of stress.

Custom Home Building Process – Mistakes to Avoid

1. They don’t ask the important questions – Some people are so focused on price, they don’t even stop to ask about anything else. They will forget all about completion times, NJ builder reputation or past work references, and make a decision based solely on the price they are quoted, which is rarely the same when all is said and done.

2. They aren’t clear on what they want upfront – People are quick to blame a house builder in Monmouth County when they don’t get the results they are looking for. The thing is, your house builder isn’t a mind reader, so if you can’t tell them what you want, they can’t help you create it. Be clear from the beginning, and avoid the confusion (or work with the Design Build Planners!)

House Builder in Monmouth County NJ

3. They try to be their own General Contractor – A general contractor is there for a reason – and there’s a 99% chance that he’s better at it than you are. Make sure to go through the normal interview process, but don’t be afraid to put some faith in this company – they have done everything you’re looking to do several times before.

4. They choose a builder who doesn’t specialize in the type of house they want – Most house builders in Monmouth County specialize in a particular type of house. If you’re looking for a townhouse, don’t choose a builder that specializes in Victorians – you won’t get the best results from them.

5. They don’t verify references – It’s one thing to ask for references, it’s another to make sure those references are valid. Of course a builder will tell you they have great references, and they might – but you won’t know for sure unless you start asking those references for their unbiased opinions.

While most builders are quite honest and do good work, you can save yourself a whole lot of hassle by knocking out the bad ones from the beginning. Follow these steps, and you’ll ensure you get a builder worth working with.

House Builder in Monmouth County New Jersey

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House Builder in Monmouth County - Jersey Shore

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