Home Shows for Remodeling Products and Ideas

Home shows are a fantastic venue for homeowners to see items for their home, get ideas, and meet the people and contractors that provide home improvement products and services. In today’s virtual world many lose sight of the fact that we do business with people and not websites. A personal touch may not be important when purchasing copy paper or an automobile part, but a home renovation or modification affects much more than the sticks and bricks of the structure. Whether the project takes one day or one month or more, the procedure affects the whole family (including pets) and will have a lasting impact.

Franca and Jason discuss remodeling in the Design Build Planners booth

What can a homeowner expect to see at a home show? There are the obvious home improvement items such as windows, siding, bathrooms, and kitchens. There are also cookware demonstrations, bedding, garden supplies, solar panels, hot tubs, and so much more.

The Design Build Planners enjoys the opportunity to explain to homeowners what they offer. The sign “We are not remodelers, we make remodeling projects better” is the lead in to the explanation. The Design Build Planners provide pre-construction design and development services directly to a homeowner planning a project. The standard package includes computer designs, a detailed scope of work, accurate pricing, selection items, and an anticipated production schedule. This package creates the platform to then finalize decisions and move forward with the actual work with a high level of comfort and confidence.

Many of the vendors at the various home shows recommend the Design Build Planners to homeowners. Since the service is unique and is a benefit to homeowners, professional contractors, and suppliers alike there is no conflict. Nanci McCarthy, manager of Best Tile in Keyport, New Jersey is one of the Design Build Planners favorite suppliers.

You can follow the Design Build Planners show schedule through this link: DBP Home Shows

If you have any questions or would like some tips on how to make your next home show a productive experience as a homeowner attending or a contractor displaying simply fill out the boxes below.

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