Home Renovation Designs in Bergen County, NJ

home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-8-design-build-prosThe Bergen County homeowner recently closed on his new home in Cliffside Park. The home had many quirks and was bought with the intent to remodel. A motivating factor for the purchase was to take advantage of the lovely views. The homeowner  hired Design Build Planners to create designs that took advantage of the views while suiting all of his day to day living needs.

One of the “special touches” of the computer aided designs is that we photographed the exterior scenery and scanned/incorporated the pictures into the designs to give the most accurate replication possible. Make sure to take note in the CAD!

Here is the scope of Plan 1, the Robust package. Pictured below the bullet point overview of the design scope are the Computer Aided Designs (CAD) for Plan 1.

Plan 1

First Floor

  • Remove front door and landing from the home (replace door with a window)
  • Widen side door to 36” and open the area for new entry/hall
  • New starts and cable rail to the second floor
  • Reconfigure the front of the first floor to become a master suite
  • Change front double window to single door to terrace
  • Convert old front entry to a master closet
  • New windows facing the side in master bedroom
  • New windows in master bath
  • Master bath to have:
  • Large shower with bench and niche
  • Glass enclosure
  • Double sink vanity with wall cabinets
  • Private water closet
  • Large master closet
  • Enlarge rear east bedroom windows
  • Replace rear west bedroom windows
  • Replace bathroom window and remodel bathroom
  • Patch as needed and refinish hardwood floors on the first floor

Second Floor

  • Remove walls to open the space
  • Support ceiling with dropped headers
  • Arched header between chimney box and return box
  • Enlarge and replace south and east windows
  • Replace west and north windows
  • Add a powder room in the south west corner with a storage closet
  • Kitchen in north west area
  • Island faces west
  • Cooktop at stair rail
  • Under counter oven
  • Under counter microwave
  • French door refrigerator
  • Dry bar on the north wall
  • Seating wall facing east
  • Patch as needed and refinish hardwood floors


  • Paint brick (and patch as needed around windows)
  • Patch siding as needed
  • Extend driveway to approx. 16’6” (max allowed by zoning)

dollhouse-overview-of-the-first-floor-of-a-home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-1-design-build-pros   dollhouse-overview-of-the-second-floor-of-a-home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-1-design-build-pros   home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-a-design-build-pros

home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-1-design-build-pros   home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-2-design-build-pros   home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-3-design-build-pros

home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-4-design-build-pros   home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-5-design-build-pros   home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-6-design-build-pros

home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-8-design-build-pros   home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-9-design-build-pros   home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-10-design-build-pros

home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-11-design-build-pros   home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-12-design-build-pros   home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-13-design-build-pros

home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-14-design-build-pros   home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-15-design-build-pros   home-renovation-in-bergen-county-nj-cad-18-design-build-pros


The homeowners style preferences were for a contemporary look. They drew their inspiration from remodeling projects featured on Houzz.com. The design options are a result of homeowners online research combined with an in-home consultation with Design Build Planners. There is also a proprietary profile checklist that homeowners fill out that depicts their lifestyle and basement usage. After compiling this information, Design Build Planners incorporates their construction knowledge and design creativity for the space with a focus on the budget and overall investment.

The computer images were created by the talented Design Build Planners design team under the direction of Jason Parsons.  Jason Parsons is a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler.

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