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Home office with green walls and white shelvesHome Office Design

If you work from home you need a peaceful area to work in. A spare room in your home that can turn into an office is ideal. However, if you don’t have one then you can create a corner into a private office area. If you have clients coming in you can dedicate space within your living room to serve as an office as well as for a seating area.

Buy Furniture That Compliments

home office designs - Design Build Planners (2)Before you go out to purchase the desk, chair and shelves, write down your requirements. Where would you like to have your laptop or your telephone? If you are going to designate a space within a room like the bedroom or living room then get furniture that gels with the décor in the rest of the room. If your home is traditional style, get wood, and if it is modern get metal furniture. Make sure your chair is comfortable especially if you are going to work long hours.


If you are creating a study space then get the colors that inspire you. Nice bright cherry red or orange on the walls and contrasting white furniture can brighten a dark corner. If like green or pale blue for yourself because that calms you down then have those in a lighted area.


Home Office ~ Design Build Planners (2)If possible position your desk at a window so you can appreciate a nice view in down moments. A window also provides light and sunlight if you want some warmth. If you don’t have a window, then add floating shelves on the wall facing you; place photographs, books, curios and knick knacks on the shelves. Hang an inspiring or classic painting so each time you look up you don’t find a blank wall before you. Use wooden or metal cube storage as an alternative to bookshelves.

The Space

If you have spare space in your living room, dining room or even the bedroom then you can easily convert a part of it into a distinct office space. A coordinated chair and a table that can take a lamp and other office accessories like pen holder, trendy notepads can become your working retreat. A corner wall with a tall bookshelf can help organize files and papers. Explore your home and you are bound to find a nook that you can imaginatively convert to a work friendly home office. You just need enough space to take in a desk and chair to transform it into a place where you can work on an assignment at home. In fact if you have a largish armoire that houses your silverware and china you can use the space below the cabinets as a desk. All you need is a comfortable chair to match and you have your home office right there.

Here are a few more photos of home office designs from remodeling projects.

Home office design - Design Build Planners (3)   Home office design - Design Build Planners (2)   Home Office - Design Build Planners

Home Office ~ Design Build Planners (3)   Home Office ~ Design Build Planners (1)   Home Office Design ~ Design Build Planners


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