Home Library Designs for Style or Function

In designing and developing many several home addition projects, requests to the Design Build Planners for a home library to be incorporated has increased. Some designs have been for full rooms, while others just a nook. Others have requested built-in cabinetry for book storage and display in great rooms.

Research has shown that many Americans read less these days. Plus those that read often opt to do so electronically via a computer or a Kindle, Nook, or other reading device. Others turn to audio books as a multi-task time saver. We even have a client, who is an avid runner that has replaced her iPod music with Fifty Shades of Grey.

Does this trend away from physical books mean these libraries are mainly for show, a style statement? Or perhaps it is a desire to keep a grip on a great tradition and experience. Possibly these libraries and nooks represent a peaceful retreat. They can be a space for reading, relaxing, or just reflecting.

Regardless of the intended use, libraries and nooks add wonderful personality to a new or renovated area of a home. Steeped in tradition, well-displayed books add a warm, rich design. As wood and bricks are the cornerstones of home building, books are the chronicled foundation of our history.

If you would like to discuss the options of creating a library, nook, or any type

room as an addition to your home or a renovation to existing space, simply set a free 15-minute phone consultation with the Design Build Planners. Click the image and follow the steps to schedule a convenient time for you.


Here are several library photos featured in Houzz.com:

3 thoughts on “Home Library Designs for Style or Function

  1. Feinmann

    A library or reading nook not only add to a home’s overall decor, but they create a warm and intimate space to read and relax. The books naturally add some flair to the shelves and enhance the look of the room. Even if you are going digital and don’t plan on buying physical books in the future, you can showcase your current collection and intermix decorative items. Just having a dedicated place to read (even if it is on a digital device) is something many homeowners truly enjoy.

    1. Neil Post author

      We concur!…as we said, “a space for reading, relaxing, or reflecting”


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