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reading nook and book case design for a NJ basementIf you have a vast collection of books, love to read, and enjoy displaying your books well, you need to create a home library with a reading corner. This special place in your home must create the right frame of mind so that you want to curl up with a book here on a lazy day.

How do you create such a warm and inviting place? Well, there are innumerable design ideas Design Build Planners can provide. New Jersey remodeler for your home library and reading nook designs, you ensure that there will be a lot of warmth to this room. Here are some design ideas:

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-library-image20748348Design your library so that it is a quiet room with a large built-in bookcase and a comfortable chair that you can sink into for hours, along with sunlight streaming in from the window near you. Below are some additional ideas for your home library designs.

Warm, earthy tones: Use warm colors for your library’s walls, like terracotta or tan. For extra warmth and space, add chocolate brown or green. For added brightness to the room, go for white, cream or ivory.

Natural wood tones: If you go in for wood paneling, it can be very inviting. Paneling should be on the lower part of the wall, while the rest of the wall should be painted in a sober color.

Leather sofa set: Your library can only be complete with a comfortable chair you can sink into, and why not leather to give it a classy look? Continue to use the brown tone that you already have on your walls and book case so that there’s a harmony of colors. Add some soft pillows to add to your comfort.

So much for your home library. Now, how about designing your reading nook?

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-built-bench-nook-image1767603A good reading nook needs nothing more than a comfortable chair, good light and a lot of silence. If by now you know what kind of reading corner you want, you might like to ask your architect involved in design build remodeling to give you a detailed budget and work scope so you know just what you’re getting. Here are some styles you can consider:

Modern Style

A writing nook may sound like a traditional space, but that doesn’t mean you have to decorate it like one. For a modern nook, stick to simple shapes and primary colors. Paint the walls white for a bright, simple base, and hang a few pieces of modern pop art on the wall. Pick a few colors out of the art to help you choose the colors for the rest of the space. Look for a desk with clean, straight lines and a modern chair such as a diamond wire chair or plastic chair with a single base. Hang a funky pendant light over the desk. Put down a bold, shaggy rug in a primary color and place a few modern-shaped knickknacks on one corner of the table.

Typography Inspired

Letters are the building blocks of language, so pay respect by designing your writing nook in a letter-themed design. Stick to black and white in the room to reflect the look of paper and ink. Choose a simple desk and chair, something that isn’t too ornate or overly modern. A black table and simple white-and-black upholstered chair would work nicely. Hang some of your favorite quotes on corkboard on the wall, and switch them out as you need inspiration. Place a few framed typography-based prints on the wall or bookshelf. Finish it off by putting a typewriter on the desk, and place a few metal display letters on top of a stack of books on the corner of the desk or on a bookshelf.

Vintage Lover

A writing nook and vintage style go hand in hand. Paint the walls a classic color such as blue-gray, oxblood or olive green. Find an antique or vintage writing desk, preferably one with a lot of little slots and drawers, and a chair that complements it in a similar type of wood. Place an inkwell and quill on the desk, along with a leather notebook or a stack of leather-bound books. Put an antique writing lamp on the desk as well. Hang some impressionist-era art on the wall and if there is room, put a wingback chair in the corner. To tie it all together, use a classic Oriental rug that has the same color you used on the walls in it.

On Trend

You might be a romantic at heart, but your design aesthetic is decidedly trendy. If that’s the case, a trendy nook is the look for you. Start with a desk that is floating, meaning it attaches to the wall and has no legs. If there isn’t a convenient wall available, select a rectangular wood or white table with iron legs. Use a colorful slipper chair in a simple pattern such as stripes or dots for comfortable seating. Wallpaper one wall in trendy wallpaper with butterflies, cherry blossoms or a trellis pattern. Put a solid-colored rug on the floor that matches one color in the wallpaper. Finally, put a glass or modern metal lamp on the desk and scatter a few Moroccan poofs around the room for those times when you need to relax to find your inspiration.

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