Home Additions

By adding an addition to the home, you can unlock a tremendous amount of potential in the home. The addition space can be used for any different number of things. A few examples are:

  • Adding family rooms to accommodate guests/childrenHome Addition (1)
  • Spare Bedroom
  • Larger Dining Area
  • Larger Kitchen Space
  • Sun Room
  • Garage

Listed below are the average investment costs for various addition projects (Midrange Project, Upscale Project)

  • Bathroom Addition: ($38,186, $72,538)
  • Deck Addition: ($15,437, $35,158)
  • Family Room Addition: ($80,765)
  • Garage Addition: ($49,991, $82,531)
  • Master Suite Addition: ($103,884, $224,989)
  • Sunroom Addition: ($73,546)
  • Two Story Addition: ($155,36)

Pictured below are pictures of design build remodeling home additions.

Home Addition (2)   Home Addition (3)   Home Addition (4)

Home Addition (5)   Home Addition (6)   Home Addition (7)

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