History of Subway Tile

Subway tile for kitchen and bathroom remodeling - Design Build prosYou wouldn’t imagine something taken from a New York City subway design as a major kitchen and bathroom remodeling trend, but that’s exactly what’s going on today. Gleaming 3×6 inch tiles covered the walls of kitchens and bathrooms alike seems to be one of the more popular design features, and this look dates back to the unveiling of the NYC subway system.

While it does seem like an odd place to draw from, the subway tile design is gaining traction due to the fact that it is clean and crisp. The rectangular, white ceramic tile was selected for its durable and stain resistant nature, and the light color and high gloss were a good choice for the subterranean spaces of the subway. White subway tile represents a vintage, early 20th century style that has seen a huge resurgence in popularity in the first decade of the 21st century. One nice element of subway tile is that you can choose it to be done in a very cost effective, low maintenance manner, or you can splurge and go for the hand made tile.

One thing to consider with the subway tile “trend”… is that it’s hard to classify as a trend! Trends are typically short lived, but this style is seemingly listed as a new trend every year. It’s your decision on whether this means the style has long lasting appeal or if it will soon be overplayed. What is for certain is that it’s a clean look with a lot of different options.


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