Ultra High Definition Television

Ultra High Definition Television


Massive-4K-displayHigh-definition televisions have been around longer than many people think they have. The first high-definition television was introduced in 1936. The high-definition televisions aren’t what we think about nowadays as high-definition. These televisions were high-definition compared to the televisions people used before they were introduced.

High-definition is the screen resolution. Televisions advanced so did the screen resolution. France introduced a television in 1949 that would be considered high-definition in modern times as well. They didn’t look at the television as high-definition. Instead, they looked at it as a monochrome.

Modern High-Definition Televisions

The technology in televisions has advanced over the years. The most common is the smart TV. They gained popularity in a short period of time when they were first introduced.

maxresdefault4K high-definition televisions aren’t as common in media rooms as they might be in the future. Movie studios shoot movies with 4K technology and send them to the movie theaters, but the technology isn’t out to watch the movies in that quality in your family room.

Game systems and television programs have adopted the 4K Ultra High Definition. Sony had announced before they released the PlayStation 4 that it would display pictures in Ultra High-Definition. The game itself wouldn’t be able to be played in Ultra High-Definition.

The most well-known high-definition television that you will see in a home is the smart TV. The images on Smart TV’s look as realistic as you can get when it comes to watching a movie and playing a game. The features that this TV has are also endless when it comes to electronics.

TV mounted over fireplace - Design Build PlannersLike many other electronics, the smart TV has an operating system much like the computer in your home does. This operating system comes pre-programmed in the TV at times. There are some smart TV’s that you have to program yourself.

Smart TV’s can be connected to the internet. This will allow you to use them for social networking, watching videos online, and so much more. This is the only TV you can hook directly to your internet.

We are similar with apps. According to the OS of the TV, you will have an app store. You can download the apps that are compatible with the operating system your television has installed.

If you have a show that you are wanting to watch, you no longer have to remember when the show will be airing. You can set a timer when you see the show will be airing. Many older TV’s have the timer function that will alert you when the show starts. The smart TV will change the channel no matter if you are watching something on another channel. This TV will amend the channel to the one that the timer is set for.

There are restrictions set by some networks. The restrictions depend on the brand of smart TV. Some systems have restricted access to their programs. Several systems have restricted Google’s smart TV from accessing programs on their network. This restriction has been in place since the release of the TV.


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